by The Arabs

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released July 6, 2017



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The Arabs San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Are You Still Glistening?
Instead of breakin it off
You're shakin it in my loft
Like a parasite
When you're talking shop
Make you sound like a cop
On your mother's side
Bitten more than you chew
Got some gum on your shoe
Now I'm double shy
And I'm blue by you
With a feeling or two
That I wanna hide

Blame God for your bandages
One day you will take the tape off

Break out of your bandages
They said we were cleared for takeoff

Better check with the boss
You find yourself at a loss
When you're petrified
With your head in the trough
Will make you shake and cough
From all the pesticides
The ceremony was so upsetting my darling
You scratch the surface of another starling

Blame God for your bandages
Finally you can take the tape off
Track Name: Buy One Get One
Went around the corner something from the store
Said we're outta sugar better get some more
Land of milk and honey in a paper bag
In a brick and mortar changing into drag

Picking on the strings will make your summer rad
Buying all the things you wish you never had
Put em in the basket picking up the slack
Didn't see it there I'm checking in the back

Taking one for here I'm taking one to go
It's a better deal I'd say so
In a tailored suit the clothes will make the man
Elegant to boot they're eating from your hand
Track Name: Willie Mays
We were walking to the park, wandering for days
We were trying to make the start, but we got caught in the maze
With your finger on the pulse, step up to the plate
Even now when you convulse, they defibrillate

Wasn't early wasn't late
Swing away and seal your fate
Gonna pull it down the line
I tell you it's fine

We just wanna see you play
Holy cow, say hey
We're just trying to make it to the game
Somehow, someway
Gotta lotta nothing better
Gonna catch a double header

When we pulled up to the gate, way beyond repair
It was here that on this date, nothing to compare
All the glitter all the time, it's only a phase
And we oughta cause I got a lot I'm gonna wanna
Choke up and swing away like Willie Mays

Now he's stealing second base
Wiping glitter from his face
Make your living using pine
Now you're gonna shine

We just wanna see you play
Holy cow, say hey
We're just trying to make it to the game
Somehow, someway
Gotta lotta nothing better
Gonna catch a double header
Track Name: Green Ball
Go out to the store to the angel market
Try out a new song
Spread out on the floor at your apartment
We're already gone
Said you gotta hue that makes you a target
Not putting me on
The special is dark and it's a bargain
I shouldn't be long

Diggin the tones like dinosaur bones and nobody knows
The wind in our sails, where did our tails, where did they go?
Come on. come on, it shouldn't be long till we get along
I feel my toes, that's how it goes and nobody knows

Take on a new role when I can't face it
Hide out in the shame
A name to a soul but I couldn't place it
My memory's to blame
I called on the gods before we started
For patience and fame
And what are the odds you were outsmarted
It's all just the same
Track Name: Vietnamese With Ria
We'll take a table by the window
Our fate is still in limbo
Brought it up to set the scene

Take out is coming from the kitchen
The ambiance is bitchin
Darlin' what'd you order me?

If you think that I'm on the brink I got news for you
No one else can clear my shelf in a week or two

One day we'll find your oldest sibling
He'll wander to you trembling
Dusting off the family name

I'll be the witness to your history
Your hair's the biggest mystery
Strong enough to clog the drain

If you think that I'll throw the sink I got news for you
No one else can clear my shelf in a week or two

Hear now, the moral to the story
Details are often glory
Found a devil in between

You know that heroism's boring
And all the love you're storing
Kinda cheeky don't it seem?
Track Name: Fanny Pack
I don't need no cooler I don't need no camel back
I got everything I need here in my fanny pack
It's kinda neon green and its got a velcro strap
Now I see what you mean I didn't find it on the map

You're hitting me below the belt
Like nothing I aint ever felt
I'm thinking of giving it a college try
All weekend you sigh

When you're VIP you know they let you hang out back
With you heart on your sleeve and your soul in your fanny pack
180 degrees they turn around and stab your back
They just do what they please and they tell you that's a wrap
Track Name: Kibbutz
Poverty's a state of mind, I got yours and you get mine
Won't ya share the recipe, why you standing next to me?
Open sesame, that's the way it has to be
Said you got a farm
Cost a leg and arm

Settling the score
For those who came before

Tie me to the land, always lend a helping hand
Out there on the plow, said you're gonna show me how
Gotta tell you it's a crime, waste away all your time
Gonna say it slow, never let you go

Teach me how to sew
Love is gonna grow

Little did you know
Love was gonna grow
Track Name: I Wanna Be Your Guru
Lemme kick it off by admitting that I'm soft
Never searching out to destroy
And on the news saw you taking off your shoes
Better be a target than a decoy

I can be your muse be the one who gives you clues
Anytime you need some answers
It's only charm and they use it to disarm
And the feelings rush you like a thousand dancers

Hang on my every word
Like a tribal chief
Been listening to Monk and Bird
They can bring you relief

Love is nothing new and I wanna be your guru
Privy to your mantra
Under the shady tree it'll be you and me
Meditations on a special tantra

Hang on my every word
Like a Jesuit priest
Been listening to Monk and Bird
At the mystic feast
Track Name: All Day And A Night
All day and a night
They keep it coming
All day and a night
No more running

There's a killer under your bed
They turn you into chicken liver
Then they serve you up for dinner
Then you're dead

You count the hours using cigarettes
You keep it all inside your head
You got no room for no regrets
You feel the weight of gravity